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Episode 067 – Part II with Texas A&M-Commerce Director of Athletics Tim McMurray

Posted on Dec 14, 2017 by in Podcast Episode | 1 comment

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In Part II of our conversation, Tim dives into strategic planning, goals and caring for others.


  1. How do you go about implementing mission, vision, and core values so that the people within your department know, understand and execute on them?
    1. When he first arrived he met with each coach. Told them they would get a questionnaire asking each of them about the state of the program. Strengths? Opportunities? What can be done in the next 90 days to improve your program.
    2. And then what are five or six common traits that define the A&M-Commerce athletic program.
    3. Over 18 people, there were 60/70 different terms. But there were 10 or 12 that emerged. The entire group picked out five: innovate, determination, respect, passion and excellence. PRIDE is the acronym.
    4. Important to add specific targets/goals that are measurable. Look out over three years (five is too long).
    5. Put a coach and an administrator as the co-chairs of each of six major goals.
    6. Prepares a quarterly report on progress toward the goals and provides it to the president.
    7. (Putting together measurable goals that can help you know how you’re doing)
    8. He’s very fortunate to be working on the NCAA Division II Women and Minorities Mentoring Institute. His mentee is working on her university’s strategic plan team and leaned on Tim for help.
  2. As the leader of the department, how do you balance the goal of winning against the sometimes competing goals of doing things the right way, emphasizing academics, etc.?
    1. When they came up with their core values, and narrowed it down to those four to five ( by the way four to five core values are your sweet spot for people to remember, think about and implement), there were several other terms that were left behind. Integrity was one of those, but it was left out because it is so fundamental to a healthy organization, like oxygen, that without it the core values wouldn’t even matter. It is beyond/above the core values. You need to just do/have integrity.
    2. The other term that almost became a core value was initiative. He demonstrates this to younger staff by showing how he prepares for meetings with his president. Never want the president to be surprised, and want the president’s job re: athletics to be as easy as possible.
    3. Maya Angelou quote: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Know and take care of the custodian who cleans your building.
      1. Surprised the men’s basketball coaches during the interview process: asked the name of who cleaned their office.
      2. Mack Rhoades (Baylor AD) always asks this.
  3. Rapid Fire Questions (one word/phrase answers)
    1. Name one trait or characteristic you want to see in a colleague.
      1. The Golden Rule
    2. What habit has been key to your success?
      1. loyalty
    3. Most important app or productivity tool?
      1. Evernote
    4. Resource recommendation (book, podcast, etc.)
      1. All-Star Leader Podcast Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy
    5. One bit of parting advice for our audience?
      1. Be intentional and sincere

Thank Yous/Acknowledgements:

  1. Antioch Live/Clear Day Media Group – music
    1. More here.
  2. Jonathan Davis – production
  3. Clint Musslewhite – voice over

1 Comment

  1. Congratulations and best wishes Tim. I did not know that you are THE AD.

    We look forward to following your career and that of your Athletic Program.

    Carolyn and Tony Kambich

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