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Episode 014 – Executive Search Firm CEO And Author Bob Beaudine

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Bob pulls back the curtain on executive searches, then talks about his new book on talking with God.


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Bio (Full Bio):

Bob Beaudine has led searches for some of the most high profile athletic directors and head coaches in the country. He is also a bestselling author, having written The Power of Who back in 2009, and he has a new book out right now titled 2 Chairs: The Secret That Changes Everything.


  1. Peel back the curtain a bit for us on what a typical high profile head football coaching search looks like.
    1. Clients hires us exclusively to find a particular job that they want (usually top five or six jobs in the organization)
    2. Meet with owner/president about what they are really looking for
    3. First role is as management consultant to figure out where the organization is going; what success looks like
    4. Also provide confidentiality
      1. The candidates for most of the jobs are not actively seeking.
      2. They are doing well and are happy at their current role
      3. Search firm has to convince them why it makes sense to make a move
      4. The other piece is these people can’t afford to put their name in for a job and lose/not get it. Alums/fans/sponsors would be upset if they found out the candidate was looking.
    5. Job is IDd, then job description, then small committee, then identify the top 20 who could do it, get it down to five for interviews, and then make recommendations of the top three or four and then help in the negotiation.
    6. Everything is done clandestine in order to not lose any candidates because it goes public.
  2. What are a few things that you see regularly from job candidates that are major mistakes?
    1. That you just want to be in a job
    2. You just want your name up, but not really interested in
    3. Doing it for flattering, not for love
    4. Consider why you want the job and will it be one you can see yourself doing long-term
  3. Let’s talk about your first book The Power of Who.
    1. What is the premise and why did you write that book?
      1. When looking for goals/dreams, how can I get there when I don’t know someone
      2. WHO – the people who matter most
      3. Networking today is faceless and it isn’t working. Sending generic letters and buckets of resumes will not work. You should stop.
      4. First thought should be your own network (100/40 strategy)
        1. 100 – family/close friends/people who already know you and want what’s best for you
        2. 40 – what it is you want in life –
        3. Most people don’t go for their dreams because they don’t believe their family and friends could possibly know people that could help them
        4. What if God gave you people to help you in ways you never imagined? Strategically given to you to help you find that place in life you dream about?
        5. You can get your dream, but not by going to someone you have never met and who doesn’t know you and asking them to do something for you. That makes no sense.
        6. If you want something you never had, you’re going to have to do some things you’ve never done
          1. Try Power of Who
          2. Who are the people in your life? Write them down
          3. What do you want to do? Write it down?
      5. 87% of all jobs are introduced to people by friends (references, referrals)
      6. 80% of country not using their talent; 69% believe bad day at the beach is better than a good day at work; 60% is getting divorced
      7. We need a better mechanism than cold calls
        1. Start with friends (12, 3 close and 1 best works pretty well – Jesus)
      8. Many people believe current circumstances disqualify them from their dream. Stop that! You can get your dream; need to quiet your mind and think about some of these things.
    2. (Daniel) Common issue for people is they want to do things on their own.
      1. Parents aren’t going to do the job for you; they aren’t qualified to do the job
      2. Two parts of our brains and they drop endorphins that make me happy – gratitude and giving
        1. So if I ask you for help, would you help? Of course.
        2. When you let others help you, those people are getting a buzz! And if you try to do things all alone you’re stopping people from that joy!
        3. You were created one cup short of greatness. With other people we’re great. Together, two are better than one.
  4. Let’s finish by talking about your new book 2 Chairs: The Secret that Changes Everything
    1. Why did you decide to write this book, and what is the premise?
      1. All great subjects come to moments in your life when you’re asking better questions. Lots of why questions.
      2. At the end of his junior year in college, was asking questions about career, finding a wife, etc.
      3. His mom gave him the best advice. She said she doesn’t have the answers, but know who does. Three questions:
        1. Does God know your situation?
          1. Yes, and also God wants us to know he knows
          2. People think God only has a few phone lines for 7 billion people, and he’s only paying attention to ISIS, major disasters, etc. No, he can talk to all of us at once!
          3. He’s not bothered by you, not mad he made you.
        2. Is this too hard for Him to handle?
          1. God is not overwhelmed by your trouble; really comforting when the trouble is big
          2. There are some problems in life that can be overwhelming, but they aren’t for Him.
        3. Does God have a plan for you?
      4. Two Chairs – one for you and one for God
        1. Not the same as reading the bible or praying
        2. This is having a personal relationship with him
          1. Why would God say renew your mind daily if he really meant just Sundays? (Romans 12:1-2)
          2. Why would he say ask, seek and knock if he didn’t have something to say? (Matthew 7:7-8)
          3. Why would he say seek him first and all these other things are added if he wanted you to do it seventh? (Matthew 6:33)
        3. So set up one chair for you and one for God; do this in your house (literal; not mental exercise)
        4. You get to talk for one minute and he gets to talk for four
        5. Common approaches
          1. Treat God a bit like an appellate judge
          2. Focused only on reading, praying, etc. – not spending time with him like a friend. Not providing a space for us to hear him; all we do is inform him.
            1. Why would God say “let those who have ears hear” and “Be still and know that I am God” if he didn’t want to say something.
            2. Numbers 11:17 “I will come down and speak with you.” Jeremiah 29:11 “I have plans for you…” He wants to talk to us! Proverbs 1:23 “If you would have heard my rebuke, I would have shared all my thoughts and given you all my counsel.” Even 5 minutes in the presence of God changes everything.
    2. You reference the Who’s on First Abbott and Costello routine when describing how we confuse the subject of talking and listening to God. Explain that to us.
      1. They took something that was simple and made it confusing, just like we do with talking to God.
      2. He’s always wanted to talk just like you and I are talking.
      3. We run past first base where he is; he wants to talk with us. We’re on second base saying “what?”…we keep running and we’re on third saying “I don’t know.”
      4. What if God had plans for you today? His word says he does.
      5. The greatest people he has interviewed have said these three things that changed their life.
        1. They have an assignment, purpose and a destiny
        2. Someone told them they believed in them
        3. Activated it
      6. What is our assignment? People fall into three buckets
        1. Believers – trying to do this
        2. Seekers – people who hope it works
        3. Skeptics – think it is fantastical
      7. Challenge to all three – if there’s a one percent chance if you set up two chairs that God would show up, would you go? All three groups answer yes.
      8. Why wait to talk to jobs about our dreams and goals? If he is real, he must reveal himself and tell us! It has to be now! 5 minutes is all it takes – four for him one for you.
      9. He will meet you tomorrow; he will not be bothered by anything in your past. He is going to sit down and talk with you. Been doing this 40 years.
      10. You get to meet with the king of kings; your creator!
      11. Will it be an audible voice is a common question. Not that relevant. When your spouse calls you on the phone, do you need to ask who it is? No because you know her voice. God says “my sheep no my voice.”
    3. What is the 80/20 rule?
      1. One minute of you talking, saying good morning and give him your trouble.
        1. God can do amazing things through you; no one listening that he doesn’t know your situation.
        2. You may want to be alone and this is trouble for him, but it’s not. It’s not overwhelming for him.
      2. Four minutes of just listening.
        1. Comes in lots of ways. God has amazing capabilities. He’s the master ninja.
        2. Example.
    4. P. 32 – “When you allow others to teach, mentor and manage you, you are seen as a person with great leadership capability.” What do you mean by that?
      1. It is so humble to sit at two chairs when the other is empty.
      2. You will seem foolish by most. But it’s the King.
      3. Power of Who Story about Steven Spielberg
        1. Taking the director coffee and picking up laundry on set
        2. Associate producer doesn’t show up one day, and Spielberg gets hired and gets his start.
      4. If you were in the garage with Bill Gates when he started his company (12 stayed 4 left; the 12 are billionaires), what would you have done?
      5. Must humble yourself to listen.
      6. These are keys to success; you don’t have to be seen and all of a sudden you may find yourself where you want to be.
    5. What is a WHO friend?
      1. Goal of friendship is to be able to sing the song of your heart, so when you don’t know the words I can sing it back to you.
      2. If you want a WHO friend, be one first!
      3. But you probably have some already. Parents, family.
      4. There’s great counsel in the people God gave you. Mentors, teachers, parents, coaches, life coaches. They help you on the path.
        1. If you get detoured, you’re not in the consolation round. There is no plan B
        2. It’s plan A, detour, plan A detour.
        3. God doesn’t make mistakes.
        4. He uses these times to show up and show off on your behalf.
  5. Where can people connect with you and find the books?
    2. @yougotwho on Twitter
    3. LinkedIn

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  1. Antioch Live/Clear Day Media Groupmusic
    1. More here.
  2. Jonathan Davis – production
  3. Clint Musslewhite voice over




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